Mechanical restoration
Северодонецкий завод химического нестандартизированного оборудования



Equipment used in machining production, allows to produce all types of cutting and abrasive machining of parts and assemblies of various sizes.

Machining production allows to perform the following operations:

• processing of blanks and units at screw-cutting, turning, boring, planing, milling, horizontal boring machines, and CNC machines;

• drill blanks and components for vertical drilling machines and radial drilling machines;

• external, internal and surface grinding of parts.

Metal cutting machines:

• Turning group – 16 units, 2 of them – with numerical control;

• Milling – 8 units.;

• Drill – 8 units.;

• Planing and slotting machines – 4 units;

• Grinding machines – 3 units;

• Drilling and machining centers with CNC control.

The structure of types and groups of cutting equipment is characterized by high degree of universality that provides sufficient flexibility and allows each year to develop new types of products without a fundamental change in the structure of the equipment.

The machinery is held annually preventive maintenance and checked for geometric accuracy.  Modernization and renovation of equipment in Generali is hold systematically.


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