Tank and vessel equipment
Северодонецкий завод химического нестандартизированного оборудования

Tank and vessel equipment

Apparatus intended for reception, storage, processing and issuing of aggressive, toxic and non-toxic, explosive and non-explosive and other liquid and gaseous products under excessive pressure to 25 MPa (250 kg/cm2) and temperatures from -2100С to +7000C, and at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum in the chemical, petrochemical, food and other industries. Machines can be supplied to the customer in a single and modular design.

Package units (modules) of tank and vessel equipment includes:

• frame;

• grounds maintenance;

• locking and regulating fittings;

• equipment Kia;

• other equipment supplied on request.

The apparatus can be made of carbon, corrosion-resistant steels, titanium alloys and alloys based on Nickel.

LLC "SPCUE" produces tank and vessel equipment of various types:

• without internal devices;

• with fixed internal devices;

• with mixing devices;

• with internal or external heating or cooling;

• with thermal insulation;

• air receivers

• receiver;

• underground drainage tank;

• cyclones;

• bunkers (silos) for storing granular and bulk materials and chemical products;

• Horizontal cylindrical vessels for liquefied hydrocarbon gases propane and butane;

• Tanks for transportation of liquids and liquefied gases, of a capacity from 30 to 42 m3.


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