Blank production
Северодонецкий завод химического нестандартизированного оборудования

Blank production

Equipment which are used in blank production, allows to cut, bend and found sheet metal thickness up to 160 mm, and also process various profiled iron.


- maximum width of the flexible sheet, 4500 mm;
- Maximum thickness of bent sheet: when it is bent in a cold state, 80 mm;
when it is bent in the hot condition to 160 mm. - flanging machines for bending flanges.
Forging area:
- hydraulic press with the capacity Q=800 T. S. for forming elliptical elements and spherical heads, as well as parts obtained by hot stamping;
- Pneumatic free forging hammer with mass falling parts up to 400 kg;
pressing equipment for cold forming parts.


Maximum cutting thickness of sheet metal:
- guillotine shears for felling of sheet material with thickness from 1 mm to 30 mm and a maximum length range of up to 3000mm;
- plasma up to 80 mm. - plasma system with software control for cutting workpieces of complex configuration of high-alloy and carbon steels and nonferrous metals;
- gas cutting up to 250 mm;
- automatic gas cutting up to 250mm. - gas-cutting installation with computer control for measuring of cutting workpieces of complex configurations from carbon steel;
- band sawing machines with the possibility of cutting a rolled profile at an angle of 30-60°.


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