Process control for the enterprise
Северодонецкий завод химического нестандартизированного оборудования

Technological control of the enterprise


The Department of technical control of the plant monitors quality of products according to normative-technical documentation.

TCI conducts input control of incoming materials, semi-finished products, components; conducts quality control of products production and Assembly shops; conducts functional control at all stages of production; gives a conclusion about the test results of finished products; prepares documentation for accepted products (apparel, invoices, test reports, process passports, applications for various types of laboratory tests, certificates); prepares and sends to the client the passport of the finished products.

The Department's chief engineer is developing working drawings for technical projects. Working drawings are the final design documentation for production units. On the basis of the design documentation developed technological processes and control methods.

Рassports on the finished product are issued оn the basis of these documents.

The customer can check the quality of production processes at any time according to the results of laboratory tests, technological passports and conclusions testing. The customer can also exercise control at any stage of manufacture of the equipment.

The existing quality control system defines the schema of quality management in the different units and their powers, rights and responsibilities in the field.

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