About us
Северодонецкий завод химического нестандартизированного оборудования

About us

LLC"Severodonetsk plant of chemical unstandardized equipment" (former experimental plant in Severodonetsk Research and production association "Tekhenergohimprom") was established in 1966 with the aim of providing the needs of industries in sophisticated technological equipment.

LLC "Severodonetsk plant of chemical equipment" has "License" No. 199.05.09-29.56.4 for releasing of equipment which are subordinated to body of the state Committee of Ukraine (the pressure to 10.0 MPa, volume up to 200 m3).

Technological capabilities and technical equipment of the plant allows to produce equipment of any complexity on the modern level of carbon, low alloy, corrosion resistant steel and also iron-nickel alloys, titanium alloys, zirconium and aluminum.


LLC "SPCUE" puts into life a policy of stable and gradual growth of the business, striving to become one of the leading companies of Ukraine in the sphere of production of equipment for enterprises of oil, chemical, petrochemical, gas and metallurgical industries, as well as for power generating companies.


Key aims of LLC “SPCUE”:

- technical re-equipment and development of production base;

- buying of new technologies;

- implementation of advanced business processes and management;

- production of high quality;

- increase of volume and efficiency of sales;

- increase of competitiveness by strengthening positions of the company, both in domestic and global markets.

The plant integrates modern production technology and advanced business solutions to meet the manufactured equipment to the highest International quality standards. LLC "SPCUE" increases the economic efficiency and safety of oil and gas processing enterprises through the delivery of reliable and high quality equipment.

LLC "SPCUE" successfully functions and develops thanks to the ability to adapt to the changes occurring in the external environment.

We appreciate the contribution of each employee to the common cause, providing opportunities for professional growth and education, providing the opportunity for ongoing professional development and self-realization.

Currently, the plant offers a full range of engineering

for oil and gas, metallurgy, chemical industry, power generation and many other industries, including:
- Pre-work:
- Select the licensor of production;
- Development of feasibility study (FS);
- Development of technical and economic calculations (FER);
- Development of design documentation;
- Development of the working documentation;
- Obtaining permits in state bodies;
- Production of technological equipment at the facilities of our company;
- Delivery of the equipment of their own and foreign production;
- Author's supervision;
- Construction and installation work;
- Automation of production;
- Supervising installation;
- Commissioning works;
- After-sales service of the enterprise.
In recent years, we have implemented engineering projects in the field of oil refining, collection, processing and utilization of associated petroleum gas treatment and processing of natural gas, the production of bioethanol and biodiesel, modular power complexes.
Cooperation with us will enable you to use the latest technology and development by our engineers and the world's leading companies. Today, we can carry out projects of any scale and complexity, based on a flexible approach to solving client problems.
The basis of our success is a professional team of engineers, designers, technologists, real pros who are ready to implement projects related to the category of unique and highly complex. Over the years we have developed a reputation as a reliable company, which clearly fulfill its obligations.


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