Welding production
Северодонецкий завод химического нестандартизированного оборудования

Welding production

Used welding methods:
- automatic hidden arc welding "ESAB" (Sweden);
- automatic and mechanized gas shielded solid and flux cored wire "ESAB" (Sweden), "Fronius" (Austria);
- orbital argon arc non-consumable electrode in protective gas connection "pipe + pipe" and "pipe + tube sheets," "Fronius" (Austria), Polysoude (France) ;
- semi-automatic welding in shielding gases "ESAB" (Sweden), "Fronius" (Austria);
- welding with covered electrodes "ESAB" (Sweden);
- welding in inert gas with non-consumable electrodes "ESAB" (Sweden), "Fronius" (Austria).
The thickness of the welded parts from 0,5 to 160 mm.
The welded steel and alloys: low carbon; low alloy; high alloy; stainless steel; bimetals; aluminum and its alloys; titanium; zirconium.
Workshop equipped with roller stands with lifting capacity of 10, 30, 40, 60, manipulator mechanism is from 0.25 to 3 tons. Maximum height of the balcony moving the welding machine for automatic welding is 5 m.
Manufacturing of equipment in the workshops is produced using standard processes, which was designed by process depatment and the Department of the chief welder.
Manufactured devices are subjected to a hydraulic test pressure up to 25 MPa.

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